Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Football And Basketball Cakes


on the second day we went right on the morning on the way to the london tower bridge and
the tower of. Unfortunately the weather was not exactly exhilarating. we walked
of the u-bahn station and the bridge a bit further by very cute
narrow lanes with houses by the webs (?) were connected. actually we thought
featured center direction that we go but one day when we discovered after an eternity a bus
station, we found that we were going in the wrong direction. We searched
a while a U-bahn station and then drove direction china town.

china town is really quite fascinating . I am sure it was in ny but the new yorker
chinatown I then not able to attend, so I was by the London china town
very enthusiastic. I think it's crazy that has formed a quarter, in which one
the really impressive to be in china. one finds nothing but Chinese shops,
local (with ducks in the window, etc.), Chinese Chinese gates (?!), free newspapers,
the London Underground map in Chinese ; chinese and of course louder. (: On
most impressive is china town at night (of which I have unfortunately no pictures)


after we had strengthened in china town , went on to London's fashion
week ... at least to the input of the somerset house where the fashion week took place. before
the entrance were some very stylish people gathered, and a pin up model
was photographed (you'll recognize? Would really interest me who she is.)

we moved further towards Oxford Circus where we have to topshop went. to my own amazement
I bought there, NOTHING!! but that was probably because that
I already managed ziehmlich of the day was and I because of the great mass of
clothes could not decide what I should buy.

in topshop then the surprise, the designer david coma was interviewed by Melanie Rickey, Grazia's fashion
editor et large. Unfortunately, I could listen to the interview short
because we were in a hurry to come to the musical.

our day we left with a visit to the musical "We Will Rock You" fade away .

day 3 and 4 and the pictures of my visit to Vienna will follow soon.



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