Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Headphones Male To Left And Right

I think Panda weld had, and I am the permanent and collapse of the welding helmet has, especially if you had eigtl hold with the other hand a tin, I remembered my apprenticeship and the wonderful invention of the automatic welding helmet. Since this now on Ebay for purchase at reasonable prices are (21 € + shipping) will, as I bought one.

Today he came by mail, and how it should be, I've tested it right ---> works great!

was skeptical at first so the price range, but I think I'm now a good tool if I do many welds on the 127!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Florida Unwarantble Condos

Fertan acts

Since my Panda something needed more review, I was recently very active with this access.

took a closer control on the underbody is rust in the field of Kofferaumbleches, a typical weak point. Here it was welded and rust prevention are operated.

Since I learned about different sources of information that helps Fertan very well as a rust converter and rust prevention, I've just worried the 1 liter bottle and the already liberated from the underbody underbody so brushed ...

I think this will make good on the 127 ;-) I can make next week more active again ;-)