Monday, February 16, 2009

Anusol For Hemorrhoids

Carglass the 2nd

Heute Mittag klingelte mein Telefon, Anruf eines Mitarbeiters der Carglass-Einkaufsabteilung. "Ja Guten Tag Herr M., Sie haben im Internet einen Blog, oder?".

Ich natürlich erst verwundert, weil ich davon nie etwas erwähnt habe.

"Wir sind auf Ihren Blog aufmerksam geworden und haben die Daten mit ihrem Anruf damals abgeglichen, dass konnten nur Sie sein, Fiat 127 werden nicht jeden Tag bei uns angefragt" - War die Antwort, als ich fragte wie Carglass direkt auf mich came.

The employee apologized for the delay, etc. and told me that now would be available for the 127 and front windows in all versions and I because "my anger" of course get a special price.

The whole thing I get in writing via email. The offer has sufficient validity to, so I will certainly draw in the time of the restoration (which I've estimated at around 2 years ...) for this offer. I call this blog sometimes no numbers, but the price is OK (I say this as "poor" student ;-))

Conclusion: Carglass takes care of its customers and to their complete satisfaction and afraid for no apparent effort. I would certainly not expect that I will be contacted because of my postings here on the blog (Carglass, the "complaint" does not put evil, but as an incentive). I do not know whether one can expect from each company. The local service was written so as schonmal unbeatable, I was only disappointed by the hotline, but this was of course now the whole story "put right".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Masturebate In Stores


Autoglass repair, Autoglass from exchange - so it is heard almost daily on the radio. Because the company even advertises for ANY car to get at least a matching front wheel, I tried to test as the hotline call. I must say, from Other facilities at the "common cars," I'm excited, my father finally Passat 35i needed a new windshield, the service was great. (We grate had on the window frame and allowed this yourself remove in their shop and seal)

But my question, whether a windshield can supply for the 127 (I'm interested in the price and availability) were probably still overwhelmed something.

Day 1: First call to Autoglass, puzzled hotline staff member (quote: "Fiat 127, so the car is taken ???"), data, promised to call back the next day 13 clock (Did the employee's fixed network, mobile number and email address given so that I can definitely get a response).

Day 2: Call from Carglass to my phone missed at 13:11 clock, manure digestion, well so be sure to call again. Up to 16 clock nix like to call my turn came, "Yes, I will let them know that you are available now." Beautiful, is pleased me. 5 minutes later my phone rang, "Unfortunately, we can achieve the purchasing department does not, tomorrow will recall" (Why have the eigtl my email address?)

Day 3: said call on my landline, purchasing department, you will seek the Mr. E., the data were again taken, I will recall, my reference to my email address In case of unavailability was probably ignored. Until today (about 2 weeks after first call to CG) no. Nagut he has no date specified WHEN I'll get a return call, but the disc to get so hard? Or does it all? Will I now ne bag HARIBO because I Carglass "ausgemüllert" have?

I will stay tuned! (I have now my anecdotes phase, so this kind of posting)


My father had left his vehicle when picking up the car registration. Call was his part in the alleged Phone the local workshop (directory entry), which is then put through automatically to the hotline well (and probably always does ...). He would like to speak to Mr B. (workshop manager of the store). Who was in a conversation, it would go for what, asked the young woman on the phone. "The registration certificate of my Passat, registration, etc. xyz ... yesterday was forgotten in the collection" - "Yes, one moment please," my father could then listen to some music on hold until the staff member cheerfully announced: "Mr. M., it's all clear their vehicle is ready for pickup at the store. " Ja ne is klar ... I wonder how a vehicle for collection can be ready when it since the day before us is at home. By the way, the workshop manager has my father in direct visit the registration document directly pressed into his hand and enjoyed themselves on the reasoning advanced by my father story amused ...

can thus be different "Hotline" and the local service but ...