Monday, October 25, 2010

Herpes Stories Vancouver

Oktoboskop Step 3...

.. last night also become ready. And this is how the Japanese-inspired version now.

I think now comes the most difficult to sew Part single, but when I am here entanglements with the color then the project is absolutely wrong. Let's see if I will have a lucky hand ..

Greetings Heike

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Milky Mucous A Week Before Period Is Due

Oktoboskop die 2......

version ... or walk. Meanwhile I'm working on 2 different versions that I am at different paces. Here is my second Asian-inspired version to Part 2

And here's my first version, since I'm already at Step 4

And it gives me such pleasure that I will certainly work again a version. How this is to look, I know, I have an idea ...

course, I also always continue to embroider on my projects. I see the stars coming to an end, I am only 3 parts

And my Quaker can see well, here I am ready even to 2 / 3.

And my heart red and white, are working with me in purple, are almost ready, here I am only 7 of 36 cuts.

So, that was now but a lot of pictures.
I wish you all a wonderful start into the new week


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Vegeta And Bulma Hentia

Fast 1 Monat lang...

.. I've posted anything. I was not completely inactive, even if I have professional reasons, not so much time for my hobby. First, I want to a project by Ula Lenz Show that started on Friday. It's called Oktoboskop and is exclusive to the Quilt Friends. What exactly am I close, I know not, but it's still better delivery of fun. This is my first part. The next part will appear next Friday

And then it was actually finished back a little UVO from me, a Halloween tablecloth that I started last fall and now finally completed.

The table cloth is 110 x 100 cm machine-stitched and hand quilted.
I wish you a great start to this Indian summer weekend

Your Heike