Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pennsylvania License Template

is a new tool

few days ago my parents bought a Dacia Logan MCV (a very good car). Only the cavity of protection is somewhat weak. I was able to convince my father to a cavity and underbody protection treatment. So I had the same sponsor for NEN my tools I can use for future preservation of the 127 (and other vehicles) found (yes, I know I should first weld with Begin but I still lack the equipment, but I am already in negotiation).

So the package arrived:

Here the Druckbecherset (with Hohlraumdüse, hook probe and Unterbodenschutzdüse) stocked

and of course fits with material (here for the Dacia)

The pressure cup gun yesterday, I tried out cavity with a little hot fat in a replacement door for my everyday Panda, the result was very good. So that the grease additionally in the folds (very bad places in the Panda, the almost everywhere by rust) creeps I after spraying The door also warmed with a heat gun. My next purchase will

now a MIG / MAG welding machine to be, but not cheap from a hardware store, but rather a good used, preferably from Elektra-Beckum, as I prefer to this work. We'll see when I'm on the list! Then there other reports.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

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An era of re-ignition

This week my favorite junkyard (which I also have the 127) changed hands. He is renamed and a "regular car recovery made. This is a shame because this place is so messy and earthy as he was, a huge attraction and meeting point was. I personally have me as a little Kind gefreut, wenn mein Vater wieder Teile brauchte. Meine Autoleidenschaft wurde hier auch sehr geprägt.

Nach einigen "schlecht gelaufenen" Sachen des ursprünglichen Besitzers (und Namensgebers), wurde der Platz von einem seiner Mitarbeiter gepachtet und das Geschäft wieder ordentlich zum laufen gebracht. Hier bin ich auch gerne einfach mal nur auf nen Kaffee oder Gespräch vorbeigefahren, aber fast nie mit leeren Händen gegangen (es gab dort nicht nur Autoteile im Selbstausbau, sondern auch sehr nostalgische Sachen).

Da der Platz weiterhin dem "alten" Chef gehörte, auf den das Gewerbe angemeldet war und der mit null Elan den Platz betrieb (sein Mitarbeiter hat den Platz betrieben, er selbst war fast never been there), this week and next is something went wrong and the place was sold. Too bad the new owners probably no great visits will get from me. I backed up the parts that belong to me or taken away. Thus an era is over.

rest in peace, old friend

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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lot to do


the moment is not much going on, you see, yes! The reason is that I can take care of time determined not always about the 127! Thought about again and again, whether I want to start with welding, but then had but little time or desire.

I also still have two other projects, a complete restoration a Simson Schwalbe (to go this summer yet) I have first preference, one must indeed be done. I also have me yesterday "to buy" new work, a Panda MK1 BJ 85 (ie a so-called "Urpanda)

But today I have opened a new blog, which has, however, in the style of the 127-blog, so I eventually extra time both blogs can link to a page and make it look uniform.

The clickable link to the new blog is the lower right of the link list.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Gang Affiliation And Grillz

tour of East Germany / engine brought

Last week I was with my panda on tour through East Germany. First in Thuringia to a forum colleagues from the Super Panda Forum, engine conversion to another fuel injection system, Engine overhaul etc.

Then on Friday, after the engine was running at night, on to Berlin to Eike of the Italo-classic cars forum. On Saturday we are both to Luckenwalde in order to expand an engine from a Lancia Y10 GT. He should perhaps after the Restoration and approval of my 127 are incorporated in it. This conversion has been carried out at Eike get his 127 and entered.

The expansion was so far without problems, no rusted bolts and some parts that would have been in the way were already previously removed by the owner of the car.

We were full in timing, but this would be possible without the active support of Eike had never been possible!

Here he grad a couple of screws (I done that photo ...) was

In the absence of a lift there: 3 man lift up front, one pulls out the drive unit. But it was, the engine is out:

After the engine and the tool was loaded on the Panda, he has something "gesportbootet", ie it depended partly because of the lowering back down a bit. But it was, he fits in:

The most interesting part was the area where the cars were. A former barracks of the Russians. Not normally accessible via road, but now so wild that we cross with the Panda drive through the Botany and had a ditch. So it was very exciting with the lowering and weight behind it, but I am got through ;-)

However, the "hall" itself is such a thing was in itself, one side totally open, less protected from the weather. At least one broken pillar and roof were on my car after a short time, small concrete crumbs, although the hall itself was shaken to nothing. We were glad when the engine was out and we were off again, because I would describe the hall as a danger of collapse. Anyway, I'm what I wanted and it was great ne, interesting action.

And finally my thanks to Eike again for the support, accommodation and the small sightseeing tour of Berlin!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Glob Of Cervical Mucus During 2ww

It goes

Today is finally on 127 more times! Today I

the 127 somewhat differently positioned and jacked up and cut out the rusty inner sill completely. Sorry, can I speak in the absence of any digital camera images today.

had then the plates for the inner sill (which I got from a member of the Italo-classic cars Forum) adapted so that I can shrink-wrap the next time.

I have also adjusted the repair panels for the right side and cut that means wheel arch and sill plate.

so bad these sheets are not, but there are "Überbratbleche" thus provided for improper repairs by simply roasting the new sheet metal on the damaged area and zuspachtelt possible offset. This is recognizable from the fact that the sheets fit very well on the remaining sheet metal parts. I'm still going-out-as it should be separate the damaged areas to settle generous, and the new spot welding and tin plates adapted then the transitions.

If the right skirt is finished, I will repair the A-pillar area on the right side to suit, only then I will switch over to the left side. First up the car again, "stable" to be before I tear out other parts. Of which the rest of the rust damage in Grenzen hält, d.h. bis auf die Schweller und A-Säulen sind keine tragenden Teile betroffen.

Das nächste mal nehme ich eine Digicam zum schweißen mit, dann gibt es auch was zu sehen.

Monday, February 16, 2009

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Carglass the 2nd

Heute Mittag klingelte mein Telefon, Anruf eines Mitarbeiters der Carglass-Einkaufsabteilung. "Ja Guten Tag Herr M., Sie haben im Internet einen Blog, oder?".

Ich natürlich erst verwundert, weil ich davon nie etwas erwähnt habe.

"Wir sind auf Ihren Blog aufmerksam geworden und haben die Daten mit ihrem Anruf damals abgeglichen, dass konnten nur Sie sein, Fiat 127 werden nicht jeden Tag bei uns angefragt" - War die Antwort, als ich fragte wie Carglass direkt auf mich came.

The employee apologized for the delay, etc. and told me that now would be available for the 127 and front windows in all versions and I because "my anger" of course get a special price.

The whole thing I get in writing via email. The offer has sufficient validity to, so I will certainly draw in the time of the restoration (which I've estimated at around 2 years ...) for this offer. I call this blog sometimes no numbers, but the price is OK (I say this as "poor" student ;-))

Conclusion: Carglass takes care of its customers and to their complete satisfaction and afraid for no apparent effort. I would certainly not expect that I will be contacted because of my postings here on the blog (Carglass, the "complaint" does not put evil, but as an incentive). I do not know whether one can expect from each company. The local service was written so as schonmal unbeatable, I was only disappointed by the hotline, but this was of course now the whole story "put right".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Masturebate In Stores


Autoglass repair, Autoglass from exchange - so it is heard almost daily on the radio. Because the company even advertises for ANY car to get at least a matching front wheel, I tried to test as the hotline call. I must say, from Other facilities at the "common cars," I'm excited, my father finally Passat 35i needed a new windshield, the service was great. (We grate had on the window frame and allowed this yourself remove in their shop and seal)

But my question, whether a windshield can supply for the 127 (I'm interested in the price and availability) were probably still overwhelmed something.

Day 1: First call to Autoglass, puzzled hotline staff member (quote: "Fiat 127, so the car is taken ???"), data, promised to call back the next day 13 clock (Did the employee's fixed network, mobile number and email address given so that I can definitely get a response).

Day 2: Call from Carglass to my phone missed at 13:11 clock, manure digestion, well so be sure to call again. Up to 16 clock nix like to call my turn came, "Yes, I will let them know that you are available now." Beautiful, is pleased me. 5 minutes later my phone rang, "Unfortunately, we can achieve the purchasing department does not, tomorrow will recall" (Why have the eigtl my email address?)

Day 3: said call on my landline, purchasing department, you will seek the Mr. E., the data were again taken, I will recall, my reference to my email address In case of unavailability was probably ignored. Until today (about 2 weeks after first call to CG) no. Nagut he has no date specified WHEN I'll get a return call, but the disc to get so hard? Or does it all? Will I now ne bag HARIBO because I Carglass "ausgemüllert" have?

I will stay tuned! (I have now my anecdotes phase, so this kind of posting)


My father had left his vehicle when picking up the car registration. Call was his part in the alleged Phone the local workshop (directory entry), which is then put through automatically to the hotline well (and probably always does ...). He would like to speak to Mr B. (workshop manager of the store). Who was in a conversation, it would go for what, asked the young woman on the phone. "The registration certificate of my Passat, registration, etc. xyz ... yesterday was forgotten in the collection" - "Yes, one moment please," my father could then listen to some music on hold until the staff member cheerfully announced: "Mr. M., it's all clear their vehicle is ready for pickup at the store. " Ja ne is klar ... I wonder how a vehicle for collection can be ready when it since the day before us is at home. By the way, the workshop manager has my father in direct visit the registration document directly pressed into his hand and enjoyed themselves on the reasoning advanced by my father story amused ...

can thus be different "Hotline" and the local service but ...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post Cortisone Shot Acne

arrived repair panels!

Today, the repair panels of ATP by UPS came. NOR manufacturer and the quality solala. In any case, "post" is required. I'm curious how it looks when I consider the 127th (Click) in the magnification of the image can be seen, formed by the sill plates a "bow" "

addition will rework on the lower end bits of Radlaufbleche be required:

And in the sill plates front is at Connecting the A-pillar one slot with a kind of "offset", which does not belong there:

Conclusion: We are curious, maybe you should see it, "better an ill-fitting sheet as garkeine" (said a buddy, has learned the car maker)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Ap Biology Lab Answers Lab 3

Happy New Year!

you all! 2008 was an eventful year with a good intention I have not done with smoking or other to stop, but times move forward with the 127! As a result, I now have even ordered the repair panels for the outer skirts and the rear wheel arches! I'm curious how the quality is ATP. I guess I get Klokkerholm sheets, I have ordered only with real images.

-We will see (soon need to buy even a welder)