Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How Much Does It Cost To Get Into Xgames

lot to do


the moment is not much going on, you see, yes! The reason is that I can take care of time determined not always about the 127! Thought about again and again, whether I want to start with welding, but then had but little time or desire.

I also still have two other projects, a complete restoration a Simson Schwalbe (to go this summer yet) I have first preference, one must indeed be done. I also have me yesterday "to buy" new work, a Panda MK1 BJ 85 (ie a so-called "Urpanda)

But today I have opened a new blog, which has, however, in the style of the 127-blog, so I eventually extra time both blogs can link to a page and make it look uniform.

The clickable link to the new blog is the lower right of the link list.