Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where To Get Bow Limbs

Rostkur window frame (1st series)

Since the window frame in my first Series was very rusty, I had these repairs. Here, for example, on the passenger side.

First, I have naturally taken out the window:

then pretty exposed with a brush attachment for the Flex:

made before the low end a template, planned the cuts and then generously out with it:

The first sheet approach:

second and 3 Sheet approach:

tight and ready in the back-step butt-welded:

finished sanded. You see, with cardboard template for each sheet and a little effort when adjusting bend and are also relatively good results:

Here is the template for the round, which I have previously made:

Meanwhile, this page is filled and primed. The same is done on the driver's side, could then be painted.

Monday, September 20, 2010

How To Be A Good Airsoft Leader

like the Virgin with the child ...

... I came here in recent weeks to 127 of the first Series!

barn find, built in 1977, relatively good condition, all papers available.

Here in the barn:

Straight out moved:

The interior looks even after 10 years of life still clean:

short break at Ikea (the obligatory hot dog + drink ...)

washed fresh: to do

: repair window frame ('m already begun, followed by pictures), a stability bracket weld, a few suspension bushings and flat, the brake system new. Otherwise, no other rust.

The car has already been revised a few years time and sometimes painted. The cosmetics because of the coating should be removed once polished and a few dents.

Monday, September 6, 2010

How Long After Gse Can You Give Probiotics?

Neue Wege....

.. I dispute with what I made at the weekend. It has long itched me in my fingers I try to time in Hardanger. As hard as this may not be so, I thought. So I asked myself a simple instruction book and then I put, sometimes with more or less enthusiasm, go.
cut away at the threads I have to get used only once. In each section I review five times really, whether it is the right thing. The contrast
Umsticken Well I ran out of hand. So I think the theme for development. As the material I have read what I had on hand, so color is not very coherent, but it is also my test cloth, as it first goes to the technology. With the very thick Pearl Cotton I make friends did not. I am so bulky and for my next test I'm going to a low stringent in thickness (5 or so) down. About the rest I'm thinking later. And so he is looking out

All particles less than 7 x 7 inches tall, I have kept my attempt so very small.

My heart red and white grow more and more to me only 10 pieces are missing to complete.

also grow my other projects so gradually. In the lake the Stars I am only 4 parts. As I get every month just another part of this project is still pulling to January.

And last but not least a new project of mine, a huge sampler in the truest sense of the word. The whole project is 600 x 600 stitches high, it was designed by Marie-Francoise with the approval of the group Stick Lounge. I embroider on fine-Floba natural 498th with the DMC thread number The whole cloth is with me in the end have a considerable size of 140 cm x 140th

And this is my first part, the next part comes in early October. So I will now have time to time to sew again.

With best regards and wishes you a nice week