Friday, March 4, 2011

Are 8x40 Binoculars Good For Cruise


I am indeed for several days back from london but unfortunately I had to make
no time the pictures online. with the quality of the pictures I am again, unfortunately
not completely satisfied but whatever.

in the evening when we arrived we had only a short walk around Kings Cross and
then we went to sleep already. the next morning gabs erstmal an
delicious breakfast in hotel and then we were on our way to Piccadilly Circus
then we walked on to Buckingham Palace (there were Incidentally, a few
television crews probably lurking out kate or to see william ..) then
we walked on to the big ben, london eye and a bit further.
sought after that we went to an underground station and Oxford Circus where we had first italian
a very delicious and then we began the search for primark
. after a long walk - we first went in the wrong direction and in
the right direction It was still pretty far . finally arrived at primark
we rushed him right away. the business was crammed with people and so
Suevi and I lost a very short time and found ourselves until much later.
because of drängerei and quetscherei and also because I was wearing much too much I was
ziehmlich annoyed and bought on my first visit primark even a
(!) ; sunglasses. at primark Although there are many bargains, but this is the quality
ziehmlich often poor. particularly fell at the dresses on me the bad quality. naja
must have to have some basic things that most part very favorable. the evening
we met with a friend, who was also in London on vacation, and explored
camden - search ok actually we warn on for a good locally but we could
decide not
us then was it a night walk * g *. in chinatown wurden
wir schließlich mehr oder weniger fündig...wir kehrten in einer bar ein wo ein bier
€ 8,- kostete...

mein erster tag in london war voller eindrücke die ich wirklich sehr genossen habe nur 
bei den bekannten plätzen wie big ben und so waren mir viel zu viele touristen..ja ich
 weiß ich war selbst eine aber es war schon zuviel. primark war mir auch viel zu
anstrengend vorallem weil die menschen so rücksichtlos waren und einen einfach 
cast them from the shelves .. :. / But otherwise I had only good impressions collected

tomorrow, for me to vienna for 2 days and I hope that I manage the
remaining images to post next week.

of writing because of my bad I apologize very much but I got the
now written quite quickly ...(:



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