Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yu-gi-oh ! Gx Duel Academy Cheat On Vba

very large

This sweet card I had for the 2nd Birthday of the son made a friend. Cute, right?

The boy is from an old stamp set, it is no longer with us. Real shame that there is no longer the set.

Edit: course, the great stamp set yet, the boy with whom I have assembled. It is
"All in the Family" (Nr.113488 / p.48) includes and 28 individual parts to an incredible number of different small males to assemble. In addition to adults, children and babies, there is also a dog and a cat. To go with the set it is a supplement "Family Accessories Too (Nr.113760 / p.48) which includes matching objects (such as Skatboard, guitar, tennis racket, Princess Crown, etc.). Also wheel "Neighborhood" (Nr.109685 / p.48) fits perfectly with its rows of houses to the sets and everything can be incredibly versatile with each other . Combine

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thanks Giving Letter To Your Gf

Tiger Jack

My stubentiger "Jack" loves it when I goods from Stampin! get. The small parts are in the packages are housed in small boxes and when the then vacant on my floor "owns" my cat soon:)

He loves it also is taking root on my desk - before especially when I work it - and has the Christmas season found the perfect place on the table left, right next to my desk - right on or in the beautiful star bowl banana leaves.

looked at him - can one be angry? Not me! Who looks sooo cute and sooo cuddly is that I can be mad, even if he does otherwise often much mischief.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Job And Vicodin Testing

Regular - say OTs

I'll include in the next few weeks, some regular columns in my blog and start today with the heading "OTs". Hehe - a funny title, right? In principle, we have all sorts of different things, the OT, so Off Topic (not related to the actual Haupttema of blogs).

From my love Down-Line Anne Lotte with which I am a lot of exchange, today I have a link to a funny and interesting Video obtained.

goes quietly on your side of TheFunTheory . Even if it is initiated by a major car companies, the idea is simply brilliant.
You can change the behavior of the people positively through fun and joy.

On the side there are also a few other videos on the subject. Great times on the approaches should be further considered.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Prom Dress Stores Around Walden Galleria

Glitter Workshop at Dorte

end of last year I had a totally wonderful workshop at Dorte. We have a Hinged Box tinkered and worked a lot with glitter.

glitters so beautiful
you can always click on the photos to see them larger.

What a fun it is - and I had tiny glittering particles of days later on my clothes.

The Stampin '! Glitter "Diamantengleißen" (Nr.102023 / p.100) is a dream, and as has been one of my dear customers (huhu Uschi) always says: sparkle "What a brilliant and has no other .! Glitter powder on the market, "She's right, the shimmer and shine of this ultra-fine shinies is unbeatable beautiful and compelling -. And at the price
use it can be not only by the application of adhesive This can, in principle, any use our glue - depending on what you want to do and for what purpose he was committed, he also looks nice as a small Schüttelinhalt in one of our sweet dish (circle or heart Nr.116802 Nr.120435 / p.87). .
for our projects and designs on the workshop, we have used the technique in which you made a stamp with Versamark (Nr.101406 / P.103) makes and then applying the glitter with the "Heat & stick" (Nr.100625 / p.100) embossing powder. Sticking fast he does not remain only on even the most subtle contours of the stamps, but also there permanently.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Censor Light Staying On Problem

this calendar I have indeed already tinkered late last year. Since I was in poor health in recent weeks, I get it now only to show here.

Both calendars were made of beer mats and the recipients are thrilled

Off Design paper scraps

A real leftovers

Color coordinated

small, fine and useful

Friday, January 21, 2011

See A Brazilian Wax Uncensored

Lena Hosche @ MBFW Berlin 2011 H / W

ich liebe die mode von lena hoschek! auch ihre neue herbst/winter kollektion,
 die sie vor ein paar tagen auf der berliner fashion week 2011 präsentiert hat, ist
wieder wunderschön. da kann man ja richtig stolz sein, aus der gleichen stadt zu 
kommen wie sie. (:

aber see for yourself:
i love the clothes of lena hoschek! So her new Autmn / winter
collection, Which she presented a few days ago at the berlin
fashion week 2011, beautiful.