Sunday, November 28, 2010

How To Add Tild To A Lacrosse Helmet

My granddaughter

you show you some photos of my granddaughter. She is a cute little mouse that is already 2 years old in February and I would like to see more often.

May I introduce you, my granddaughter JOLE!

How Do I Get Cash With A Biolife Card

A girl

Since I assume that the card has now reached the recipient, you will get to see them too.

A dear colleague demonstrators has recently given birth to a girl and I have made a baby card for the occasion. She is mad, or what do you think?

The little new arrival

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Breaking The Habit Of Eating At

friday night fever

yesterday celebrated the birthday of Susie worst at 21st. 21st worst is a new event where they play the worst music of 2000 to the present. although in fact they have mostly good music played out in between times as crazy daniel Kübelböck to drive me xD. Riessen it was really a fun and next time I am determined there again. thank my dear friends for the lovely evening (:

yesterday I once had a little free time but it is there again today to learn learn learn
wish you have a nice day

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sympathy Mesages In Spanish

I want to win! (: Ash

on the blog little diva in Paris is currently this beautiful bag from alexa to win . and because they like me so well I'll try my luck and play with.

if you still want to win, you will have to hurry because the contest ends today.

ich geh mich dann mal herrichten für heute abend und euch auch noch einen schönen abend.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

If I M Sick Would I Have A Low Lymphocyte Count

Stymest for h & m outfit

the party
h&m maganzine winter 2010
fotograf: richard bush
models: ash stymest, sara blomqvist, yulia kharlapanova, leva laguna, shelia marquez, nick rae und christian brylle. 

today when i looked threw the new h & m magazines i saw one of my favorite male models: ash Stymest. he takes part at the campagne "the party". i love the outfits and the models are all so beautiful. i really like this campaign.

as I leafed through before the h & m magazine, I discovered that Stymest ash is to be found. you have to know he is one of my favorite male models. He is part of the photo series "the party". the clothes and of course the men of the outfits are really nice and the pictures of course - as should be any different, beautiful with such motives. I particularly like the white dress, with the brown belt and adjust the white cloth (picture no. 4). what is your favourit?

I think I should soon be time to visit an H & M.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

How To Chang Charector On Poptropica

-201 110

hello dear,
the weather is now so horrible. now is the late-autumn clearly here. but an advantage, the whole, one can now really nice roll in thick sweaters, scarves and hoods. (:

Well before I write this yet another useless tool, I prefer to listen again to
wish you a nice evening and good start to the week
skadiida .

K & N Cold Air Intake 6.5 Turbo Diesel

ball eight

was Friday night at our opening of the Christmas markets (Christmas markets) and I've used and the course was mulled wine with some friends drinking. tastes good but is 3.00 but a bit expensive for such ne small cup. but that's always is every year. is probably better that way * g *.

after our brief visit at the Christmas market we went to the ball by friends. We really had lots of fun even though I still clench the hurt from the shoes (and even though my shoes did not are high). but see for yourself:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Strawberries And Sundays Club In Los Angeles

art works of a stamp from Stampin 'Events

Today I show you again some works of art that arose at the workshop by Birgit. I have shown the technique and idea cards and then could be tested to their heart's content. Fansziniert me again and again, come what interesting design ideas here.

And then saw it on the table from the middle at work - probably for every hobbyist a known image, right?

Still curious? If you're in a workshop with your friends and family to try out now, you want what you can do with stamps, paper, color and fun with creativity, please contact me.