Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pennsylvania License Template

is a new tool

few days ago my parents bought a Dacia Logan MCV (a very good car). Only the cavity of protection is somewhat weak. I was able to convince my father to a cavity and underbody protection treatment. So I had the same sponsor for NEN my tools I can use for future preservation of the 127 (and other vehicles) found (yes, I know I should first weld with Begin but I still lack the equipment, but I am already in negotiation).

So the package arrived:

Here the Druckbecherset (with Hohlraumd├╝se, hook probe and Unterbodenschutzd├╝se) stocked

and of course fits with material (here for the Dacia)

The pressure cup gun yesterday, I tried out cavity with a little hot fat in a replacement door for my everyday Panda, the result was very good. So that the grease additionally in the folds (very bad places in the Panda, the almost everywhere by rust) creeps I after spraying The door also warmed with a heat gun. My next purchase will

now a MIG / MAG welding machine to be, but not cheap from a hardware store, but rather a good used, preferably from Elektra-Beckum, as I prefer to this work. We'll see when I'm on the list! Then there other reports.