Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ontario Odyssey Buggy

fender and door from engine

Today I could finally what at 127 are doing!

have first of all I removed the rear bumper, and their mounts, as well as the front brackets (screws were loose again unexpectedly easy).

As the left wing as the right wing also is welded, was the rausgeflext of me. Here again some perforation corrosion could be seen underneath, but less than on the right! Then have

I removed the right door. The bolts were so tight, however, that this could not be solved with a Phillips screwdriver. So bored and get it on!

is sometime in the next few days had to be at the left side, then you can at least schonmal edit the A-pillar rust moderate.

Today, as I had my digital camera present, the pictures will follow!