Thursday, February 4, 2010

Expressive Plum Color

images / inspection on stage

Gestern habe ich mich mal mit meinem Weihnachtsgeschenk (Digitalkamera) in die Werkstatt begeben, um Bilder zu machen.

So eine Inspektion auf der Hebeb├╝hne ist doch schon what else!

I just let some pictures speak so you can see what is coming soon follow.

tail light opening on the right:

taillight opening left:

driver's side sill + A-pillar

"sill repair" Driver

passenger side sill, already separated out:

end tip back right:

left end tip

front end from below

dents and rust on the front panel (forklifts)

bump and small tear in the lower floor driver's side (also forklift)

General view from the top:

One thing is clear, I will disassemble the car except the body shell from the bottom first and then sand blasting. Then, the damaged areas replaced or re-directed.

If the car again in principle "stable", take care of the rest I

I always see it still feasible to ;-)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do Men At 22 Still Have Wet Dreams

New year, new workshop

Yes I know, I've long not be heard, but it has happened in the months of a lot!

for some time now I have a real garage with hydraulic lift, welding equipment, large compressor, storage facilities, etc., etc.

This had everything first to be built up again and refinance. But now everything is in place that now, all my cars in the hall!

is only since last Saturday and the 127 in the hall! The final move is complete!

Today I have the car cleaned a little (it was very dusty), the parts are stored properly between the carpets cleaned and the all the muck out of the car sucked.

I have also inspected the car on the stage next.

So the story continues ... now there is not likely for the time being only technically related problems ;-)

the days I make some pictures ...